Body Treatments

Various body and massage treatments

body treatments

All body treatments and massages can be performed with a light, medium or firm pressure. We use Just Pure massage oil as a massage medium. For natural skin conditioning and body massage this blend of calming oils soothes the senses and relaxes the body, mind and spirit in no time! Ask us about our aromatherapy balms (if you’re looking for something extra special!)

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Just Pure back deep cleanse

This includes a thorough exfoliation (with the Just Pure Invigorating Salt Scrub), extraction, massage and detoxing mask of the back. Perfect for those who suffer with breakouts or for those who can’t get to those hard to reach places. Great to add to a back wax (men!) to prevent ingrowing hairs. (Tip: Lovely gift for the man who “has everything”!)
60 mins R435

full body exfoliation

We use a dry body brush or Just Pure Invigorating Salt Scrub when exfoliating the body. (The dry body brushing makes it perfect for before a spray tan as there is no greasy/oily residue left on the skin!)
30 mins R180/R195

Add on our deeply quenching Just Pure body lotion post exfoliation, for intensive hydration.
10 mins R75

back, neck and shoulder massage

30 mins R290 
45 mins R375
60 mins R43
75 mins R515

indian head massage

(Add this to any massage which incorporates the back, neck and shoulders and save R15!)
30 mins R285

miss lily massage

30 min back, neck and shoulder with 30 min foot massage

60 mins R470

Add 15 min hand massage

75 mins R550

full body treatments


60 mins R490
75 mins R570
90 mins R640

massage combos

Full body (60 mins) with 30 min Reflexology
90 mins R660

Full body (75 mins) with 45 min Reflexology

120 mins R825

maternity massages

Maternity massage (back)
45 mins R395

Maternity massage (full body)
75 mins R575