Facial Treatments

Various facial treatments

11068100_831043440308268_5130890484427171926_oMiss Lily Skin Clinic offers a complimentary skin consult for new and existing clients. If you would like some advice on skin care and possible home care routines to make the most of your skin and products, book your consult now!

DECLÉOR’s state-of-the-art formulation

Because they are so powerful, the transformation of essential oils to obtain a 100% natural cosmetic formula is extremely delicate, requiring all the technical mastery that our laboratories have at their disposal. When combined, Essential Oils work in synergy to naturally create new properties. This discovery lies at the heart of our AROMESSENCE™ products and is also the basis for all of the creams, balms and lotions in our various ranges. These ranges combine the best of essential oils with the best of contemporary research on active ingredients in accordance with the benefits sought.

In addition to their intrinsic properties, Essential Oils are also incredible carriers that improve the ‘penetration’ of active ingredients and which have the capacity to be rapidly absorbed by the skin. Inspired by a rare combination of the energy of essential oils and the concentrate of natural active ingredients in their treatments and masks, DECLÉOR rituals provide effectiveness that heightens an exquisite sensation of well-being.

All DECLÉOR facials include a brief introductory back massage with the 100% natural aromatherapy DECLÉOR Massage Balm.


DECLÉOR deep cleanse facials

Express cleanse facial

Especially for teens and those in a hurry, the express cleanse is specifically focused on deep cleansing the skin. Includes extraction of blackheads and a mask.

30 mins R280

45 mins (includes face and neck massage with DECLÉOR AROMESSENCE™) R430

Deep cleanse facial

Beginning with a brief introductory back, shoulder and neck massage, this deep cleanse is a great spoil for the skin and mind. Includes a deep cleanse, extraction, massage with DECLÉOR AROMESSENCE™ and mask.

60 mins R520

60 mins without introductory massage R495

Tip: Add on a 30 minute hand or foot massage for while the mask is on!

Specialised luxury deep cleanse facial

Our signature, most popular facial. Begins with an introductory back, shoulder and neck massage with the DECLÉOR Massage Balm, followed by a thorough deep cleanse and extraction, massage with DECLÉOR AROMESSENCE™ specialised to your skin type (including anti-ageing) and mask. During your mask you will also receive a special hand massage with Just Pure Body Oil.

75 mins R585



This multivitamin radiance treatment has a luscious and surprising texture with linseed, wheat germ and 100% natural sunflower seeds. Skin is comforted, nourished and relaxed. Great for that bridal glow.

90 mins R690


Hydra Force

This facial ritual comforts and provides immediate radiance for dehydrated skin. Skin is perfectly moisturised, sensations of tightness disappear.

90 mins R760


White Petal HydraFloral NEW!

The Decleor White Petal range targets dark spots, uneven skin tone, blemishes and enlarged pores. It is proven to increase luminosity and glow and refine the skin’s texture while evening out the skin tone. Basically, it is striving to rid your skin of all problems and make it look perfect. What more could you ask for?

90 mins R940




A truly restorative active ingredient, Jasmine Absolute is renowned for targeting weary and sluggish skin by bringing about radiance and anti-oxidants to decrease sensitivity. The petals are harvested in the first morning light and by hand to preserve the entire petal power. It is then encapsulated in an absolute which embodies the complete essence of this beautiful flower.

90 mins R865

Aroma Lisse 30+

This expert ritual for the face is designed to act on the first signs of ageing and improve the appearance of wrinkles. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, the complexion is fresh and enhanced.

90 mins R850aroma lisse

Prolagene Lift 40+

This expert ritual for the face targets skin affected by wrinkles and loss of firmness. It helps to sculpt facial contours and smooth wrinkles. Skin is smoothed and firmed, facial contours are firmer.

90 mins R850