Oily AND dehydrated skin? How?

Oily & dehydrated skin at the same time IS a common occurence. Dryness refers to OIL-dry skin, whereas dehydration refers to WATER-dry skin. When your skin lacks water your oil production kicks in, in overdrive. This causes an excess of oil & yet your skin still lacks the (much needed) hydration. This creates the perfect recipe for milia, clogged pores & breakouts! Book for a facial today!
Make Up

Become a master at winged eyeliner!

Daniel Chinchilla (Ariana Grande’s makeup artist) explains that a common cat-eye mistake is drawing a line that goes out straight toward your ear—which can make your eyes look droopy—rather than up toward the ends of your brows. Since trying this slight adjustment I’ve gotten my cat eye down to a science. I just follow the upward direction of my lower lash line, instead of the downward direction of my upper.
Miss Lilys Tips

How to get healthy, practically

Most of us tend to go all in when trying to be healthier. This can be oppressive, especially when changing all of our bad habits overnight. Try these simple starter tips for a more successful transition: Drink a glass of water before every meal; Eat one really healthy meal; Use your lunch to be active; Have a healthy mid-afternoon snack; Have fun completing a physical challenge outdoors.
Miss Lilys Tips

How to stop picking at your skin

Picking one’s skin – around the nails; pimples; scabs; ingrowing hairs – is a condition similar to OCD. Most people who pick aren’t so extreme – it’s when they are particularly stressed out, sleep-deprived, or their skin is breaking out & it hasn’t in a while. NB: Pimples being squeezed can infect others & cause even more; scabs being picked off can scar & leave marks.