Miss Lilys Tips

The power fruit

Squeeze a whole lemon into a cup of water (hot or cold) and guzzle it down, or slowly sip on it throughout the day. There are many amazing benefits to this short & easy ritual, but these are my favorite five: It balances pH levels (helps the body to be more alkaline),  it's a great source of vitamin C (immune booster), it aids weight loss, improves digestion AND clears the skin!
Miss Lilys Tips

Gentle cleansing

Your skin should feel as silky & soft as a rose petal after cleansing; treating it harshly will damage it. If it doesn’t, you’re doing more damage than good & you need guidance to find the right cleanser for your skin. Getting cleansing right will make your skin more resilient & less problematic. It will also make the products that you use after cleansing more effective.
Miss Lilys Tips

Winter chill

During winter our skin becomes dry and dehydrated. Firstly, ensure that you switch your day & night creams to something slightly heavier to compensate for the dry, harsh winter conditions. Second, exfoliate 2-3x a week so that your dead skin cells don't collect on your skin's surface as that hinders absorption of your moisturisers. Lastly, a nourishing mask high in oils is always best!
Make Up

For dark circles

If you use a concealer under your eyes and you find it makes the skin dry and the lines and wrinkles look worse but you need to hide the dark circles, add a drop of your eye serum or eye cream as this will add the hydration benefits but will still give you the coverage you need.