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Our featured treatment

Miss Lily Skin Clinic offers a wide range of treatments for both men and women, which are tailor-made to fit your specific needs with the utmost professionalism and care. See our treatment pricing (November 2018-October 2019) here.


Since opening Miss Lily in April 2013, there has been one treatment that has always been a favourite for most and it is why we always promote it – it is the 60 minute full body massage with 30 minute Reflexology (also in an extended option – 75 minute full body massage and 45 minute Reflexology; we have even been asked for and performed a 3 hour option – 120 minute full body massage and 60 minute Reflexology). This is popular with both men and women, as we have strong hands yet move with very slow purposeful movements. This takes most clients to the meditative state, where one feels neither awake nor asleep, but simply like one is “floating”. On the physical side – it is incredibly detoxing and we work on trigger points firmly but at a comfortable level so that relaxation is still achieved. With firmer pressure clients normally feel a bit dizzy or light-headed afterwards and so there is never any rush at Miss Lily – a sit-down with a glass of chilled Sour Cherry or Lemongrass & Ginger infused water is just what the doctor ordered!

Treatment pricing

Treatment pricing Treatment pricing Treatment pricing Treatment pricing Treatment pricing