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How does cellulite form?

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Ah, cellulite. A mystery for many but really all it is is fat beneath the skin! It’s simple: when our fat cells get bigger they push up against the skin & the connective tissue between them pulls the skin down, causing the dimpling effect. Our circulation is weak in fatty areas so it becomes hard for our body to absorb this excess fat around our bum & thighs without help from a scrub/massage.

Tip: Add an exfoliation of your dimply areas to your next massage and see the improvement happen. Of course, we can’t always be travelling to the salon to have a good scrub, so invest in a new loofah or rough sponge to stimulate the skin. By stimulating it (and I mean, until it turns red) you are speeding up the blood circulation to that area, thus improving the absorption of any excess fat that sits.

Drinking loads of water also helps to flush out our lymphatic drainage system – this, too, will help. Lymph travels around the body similarly to blood, however it is much slower. Give it a bit of a boost with some good ol’ H2O 😉

Even better – do a gut cleanse (be sure to take before and after pictures – you’ll be shocked!) Basically, around our major lymph nodes is where our toxicity holds on. This is why most males will get it around the belly area and why most females will notice cellulite in the upper arms, upper thighs and bum and belly. It’s where each gender’s main lymph nodes are.