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Miss Lily Interior

Miss Lily Wellness Centre

About Miss Lily

“Be yourself. Be wisely selfish.”

At Miss Lily Skin Clinic, we have created a comfortable, safe atmosphere for all of our guests to enjoy being and becoming themselves in. We love getting our hands on people who have been searching for that golden wind-down moment to stop and meditate in… (also those who love treating themselves!)

We all know that sometimes we need time, space and comfort to deal with our daily struggles and life’s curveballs – it’s just that we don’t tend to plan for this time, or allow ourselves to have it. We offer a holistic and well-being “cocoon” where you can become the individual you are in the time you need. In your process, you end up walking out with new found energy and a sense of self-confidence to take on your life’s challenges. Looking AND feeling great. Beauty, bliss…and beyond! What treatment it is that you have in your “me time” – that is the question.

“The main shift, you see, is from placing self at the center of our thoughts to putting others there. It is – what do you say? – a paradox that the more we can focus our thoughts on the well-being of others, the happier we become. The first one to benefit is oneself. I call this being wisely selfish.”

― David Michie, The Dalai Lama’s Cat

Our Team

Leilah colley

Leilah Colley

Owner / Miss lily

I’m the high energy one with a big smile (and as we get along, a hug) as you enter. I’m always open to offering a helpful hand and giving advice.

I am ALL about the little extras and small, effective details. If there’s an ingrowing hair to remove or a milia to lance, I’m there like a bear. I battle to rush through anything – it needs to be done properly (or not at all…but within reason of course).

If there’s anyone who is going too far or doing too much, it’s probably me. I love being told what to do – the more picky or specific you are about what you want, the better. Going the extra mile is always my motto!

Fav treatments: All the details! Specialised facials; massages on people with specific concerns like scoliosis or injuries; thorough waxing (full bikini or men’s beard); nail work and painting/gel overlays. Overall, Microneedling would probably be at the top of my list.

Qualifications: CIDESCO (Zurich); ITEC (UK); SAAHSP (South African Allied Health & Skincare Professionals)



Sports massage

I am someone who will take a little and give a lot (the closer I get to you the more I give). I love connection and understanding (others and myself) because I believe that if we all were more open to understanding; the human race would be just fine.

My love drove me into the fitness industry. Even as a chubby kid I loved to run and play, a lot. As I grew up I started to push my body so I could see what it could do, and let me tell you this, the human body is amazing.

Once I started to train my friends I started to see more clearly what I was meant to do in this world. I found my calling when I started helping people reach their physical limits and watching their smiles when they did something they couldn’t before.

I enjoy learning new things and adding to my knowledge pool. So I decided to learn how to perform sports massages. It was another way for me to help people and I love the one on one time where people come to me with a concern and I can address it for them. They leave relaxed and healed and I get the pleasure of helping another human being. 




My work is my passion! From beauty to makeup to aesthetics, I get to do what I love everyday! Since day one at Camelot International, I knew, if I could give women even the slightest boost of extra confidence, this is what I was meant to do.

Deciding to mix art with aesthetics was the perfect solution for me! Framing a face with a new eyebrow or giving colour to the face with permanent lips. Combined my love for makeup and the aesthetic world.

Giving my knowledge to my clients has always been a favourite of mine. Imparting important fact and tips about the skin and makeup will always put a smile on my face. With the seriousness of life sometimes, you must know there will always be a good laugh in my treatment room!

Favourite treatments: Mostly Everything! Green peels, Permanent Makeup, Plasma😍, Microneedling and above all, Microblading (because brows are everything 😉) 



Whole wellness

I’m the one who creates a safe space with calm energy so you can feel at peace and be able to talk through your health, work and relationship concerns and desires, to create the life you want. 
If it is optimal health you are looking for, we use bio-resonance scanners to look at general health, including what vitamins and minerals may be lacking and any toxins in your body. 
I started off as a Medical Technologist because I was fascinated about how the human body works and later became a life coach, reflexologist and healer because I love people and helping them to look into their lives, release blocks and set intentions to create more of what they want in their lives….and a lot less of what they don’t want! 
Having studied human nature and the impact of our experiences, thoughts and emotions on our bodies, and having gone through my own journey, I love sharing time and knowledge and by providing support and encouragement, I  assist you to tap into your own inner wisdom and empower yourselves. I also believe in choosing what brings you joy and makes your soul sing.
I am passionate about self-care and why it is so important for your health and wellbeing. From You flows everything.
That is why I am grateful to be part of the Miss Lily team because we are all about self care and wellbeing.

Community Networking

Leilah has been a member of BNI – Business Network International ““The” Business Referral Organization” – which is how she managed to grow the business from the beginning. She ended her membership on pleasant terms after many years contributing to BNI KZN and to other local business owners. In April 2019, Leilah joined KZN Women In Business, a local ladies-only networking group, which meets monthly. In January 2022 she became a part of the KZNWIB ’22-23 committee.

Through Giver’s Gain and the art of reciprocity, we at Miss Lily have collectively helped other small businesses in the area grow by referral. In return, other business owners have kindly helped us by spreading the word.  Leilah and Sahib enjoy their yearly trip to Atholl Heights Primary School where we talks to all of the Grade 7 girls and boys about health, wellness and self-care, just before they go off to high school. Whenever we can help out, we do!

How to find us

Coming from Kloof/PMB:
Take exit 10 from the M13 E (Queens Ave/Salisbury Ave). Continue straight along Salisbury Avenue for about 200m and turn left into Dunbar Road. We are on the right hand side as the road bends slightly to the right.

Coming from Durban:
Take exit 10 from the M13 W (
Queens Ave/Salisbury Ave).
Turn right into Queens Avenue (at the 3-way stop) and continue over the bridge. Turn left at the stop street into Salisbury Avenue. Drive for about 150m and turn left into Dunbar Road. We are on the right hands side as the road bends slightly to the right.