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Personal Training & Fitness

With a qualified personal trainer under our roof, we can offer a holistic fitness program for anyone wanting to change up their lifestyle. Whether you’re a competitive athlete wanting to go for gold, a new mom wanting to fit into a pair of “goal jeans” or a granny wanting to throw your grandkids into the air every once in a while – we’ve got you covered.

Our bodies can do amazing things once we start moving them in the right ways!

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Personal Training

Spend one-on-one time (or bring a friend and make it a “couple sesh”) with Sahib. This is if you are looking for some focused attention and accountability, with a program specifically aimed at your personal goals.

R1410 two sessions per week/R2100 for a couple (monthly price)

R2110 three sessions per week/R3140 for a couple (monthly price)

R2810 four sessions per week/R4180 for a couple (monthly price)

We want our bodies operating at their best and if yours is holding you back you need it to be fixed, and fast.

We are passionate about finding that one thing that’s holding you back and sending you forward, feeling great.

Classes (maximum 3 people at a time)

Perfect for those who are wanting general fitness and an all-round program including strength, conditioning and some social, competitive fun. We specialise in functional fitness and kettlebell skills.

2 classes per week R585 (monthly price)

3 classes per week R770 (monthly price)

4 classes per week R930 (monthly price)

Programmed Open Gym

You know what you’re doing and you simply need a creative fitness guru to tell you what to do and be there if you need any help! Please note: Only available in between class times.

programs per week R670 (monthly price)

4 programs per week R800 (monthly price)


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