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Miss Lily's Tips

Our top tips and advice for perfect skin


Good foods = good moods!

The food you eat affects your hormones, brain activity and overall wellness. Some foods can even make your body produce serotonin! Good Foods = Good Moods so ensure that you”re…

Become a master at winged eyeliner!

Daniel Chinchilla (Ariana Grande’s makeup artist) explains that a common cat-eye mistake is drawing a line that goes out straight toward your ear—which can make your eyes look droopy—rather than…

How to get healthy, practically

Most of us tend to go all in when trying to get healthy. This can be oppressive, especially when changing all of our bad habits overnight. Try these simple starter…

How to stop picking at your skin

Picking one’s skin – around the nails; pimples; scabs; ingrowing hairs – is a condition similar to OCD. Most people who pick aren’t so extreme – it’s when they are…

How to stay healthy this summer

Apply your daily SPF (sunburn isn’t fun for anyone & no one wants funky tan lines!). Embrace “healthier” braais & get togethers. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Travel light. Eat breakfast daily!…

Foods to consume to get your skin’s glow on!

Eat these foods to get the most radiant, glowing skin: blueberries, pomegranate, spinach, parsley, turmeric, coconut oil, almonds & kefir. A logical step towards beautiful skin is having a clean…

Toner vs no toner

Apply a hydrating toner before you moisturise. Have you noticed how a wet sponge picks up water so much better than a dry sponge? It’s the same thing with skin.…

Motherhood is stressful… Help!

If mom isn’t healthy, then family isn’t healthy. As a mom, practice accepting help. One of the most damaging myths of motherhood is that you should be able to do…

How to look beautiful, naturally

Feel beautiful = look beautiful! Healthy body: Eat healthy REAL food, drink lots of water & exercise regularly. Sleep 8 hrs every night. Beauty regime: Work out what works best for…