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Dry skin? Cure the “winter itch”!

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You can prevent dry skin with a moisturiser, BUT it isn’t always effective if you wait until your skin is super dry to apply it. Many moisturisers are occlusive, which means that they form a layer on the surface of the skin that prevents moisture escaping. If there’s little moisture in your skin already, you’re just trapping in dryness!

Our tip: Splash some water or toner on your face before applying your day cream, so that the moisturiser will have something to seal in. You’ll notice that you’ll probably need a lot less day cream as less goes further when your skin is damp. Your damp vs dry skin is similar to a damp sponge vs a dry one: if you pour a little bit of water into a damp sponge it plumps up nicely. Pour a little bit into a dry one and it goes nowhere.