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low fat milk

Fat free

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Products that are “fat free”, “lower in fat”, “low sugar,” “cholesterol-free”, “sugar-free”, or “vitamin-enhanced” are often higher in other ingredients which you don’t really want in your diet, because it probably wouldn’t really taste good if it had that ingredient in it. Examples are: sugar (in fat free), aspartame (in sugar free) or artificial colouring (in vitamin-enhanced). 

Think about what the product contains and whether it is good for you or not. Example: A fat free milkshake is NOT as good for you as a regular one.

We stick to the 80/20 rule when it comes to diet. Eat good, clean food 80% of the time. When you get a little craving, satisfy it 20% of the time. No guilt, just enjoyment and satisfaction. Without the guilt means without the punishment of having to take away calories from yourself or exercise more, just because you had a craving. Punishing yourself doesn’t do any good 😉

If your body has more cravings than you know to be healthy, think about going to an appropriate health professional for guidance – this could be a dietician, a psychologist or a physical weight loss coach, depending on the type of your cravings.