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gentle cleansing

Gentle cleansing

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Gentle cleansing means your skin should feel as silky and soft as a rose petal after cleaning it. Treating it harshly will damage your skin and leave it feeling sensitive and looking red. If your skin doesn’t feel silky and soft, you may be doing more damage than good and you could need some guidance in finding the right cleanser for your skin.

Once you’ve gotten the cleanser that feels good to you, it will make your skin more resilient and less problematic. It will also make the products that you use after cleansing more effective (like your serums, day creams, eye creams)

For most of our clients, we recommend Skin Creamery’s Oil-Milk Cleanser. It is gentle yet effective and made of all natural, local, organic ingredients. For those who are more of an oily/combination skin type, we recommend a second cleanse with either the Skin Creamery’s Deep Cleansing Powder, or my darling’s neem bar.