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healthy skin

Healthy skin from the inside out

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Healthy skin from the inside out is exactly what it sounds like: what you put in is what you get out.

If you eat healthy whole foods and look after your body on the inside, it will show in your skin. When your body is in harmony and balance, your mind will also work in harmony and so the skin will naturally glow!

Increase your intake of antioxidants and vitamins C, E and K so as to fight off free radicals (these are the things which make our skin’s age) and promote collagen production. Also make sure you are getting enough vitamin A in your diet – this helps the skin stay plump and nourished.

Drink lots of water (this is common in most of my tips!). We are made up of 70% water and it is imperative to consume enough in our day.

Get some exercise. There’s nothing quite like a post workout glow. Whether it’s a brisk walk outside, a yoga or stretch session or a CrossFit class – you’ll definitely notice the fresh look your skin develops after the body has been moving in a healthy way.

Sleep is imperative to a well-functioning body and mind. Sleep helps us deal with daily stressors with patience and thought. Stress doesn’t look great on the skin… You know how people can sometimes say, “You look tired” or “You look stressed” – it’s because it’s written on your face!